Where to Buy Boxes for Moving in 2023

May 05, 2023in Moving Guide

The cardboard box has existed since the early 1800s. The fact that it’s lasted so long proves its worth as an invention. Cardboard boxes have also become so common that we tend to take them for granted.

But you won’t take them for granted when you’re planning to move. Unless you’ve been storing moving boxes away, you’re going to need to buy tons of them. And if you’ve clicked on this article, you probably don’t know where to buy boxes for moving.

Never fear! Read on and you’ll get some great suggestions for where and how to buy packing boxes.

Where to Get Free Boxes

Before getting into the list of box shops, it’s important to know that you may not have to buy moving boxes. Sometimes you can get moving boxes from people who don’t need them. If not, you can at least get hand-me-down cardboard boxes for cheap.

Just keep in mind that you’ll likely get what you “pay” for. A lot of these boxes may be worn down and ripped. If you want a guarantee that your boxes will stay intact throughout the whole move, you need to buy brand-new boxes.

Consider looking at these places:

Facebook Subgroups and Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is an online community where locals can sell items they have to each other. You may find a listing from someone who can sell you old cardboard boxes there. It’s also possible to make requests.

Similar situations can happen in certain Facebook subgroups. Look for ones based around your local area.


The social media group Nextdoor can work similarly to Facebook subgroups. Just join a Nextdoor subgroup that’s related to your local area. You can then connect with neighbors who are happy to give up their old cardboard boxes.

Big Box Retail Stores

Some big box retail stores are willing to give up their old cardboard boxes. Just call the store’s manager and ask politely.

Pick the Best Types of Boxes

Also, when you’re searching for boxes, make sure that you’re picking the right boxes. This means a little bit more than just picking quality boxes. You need to make sure that you get the right boxes for each item category on your packing list.

For example, you need to use incredibly sturdy boxes for your most fragile items. These items can’t fall out of their boxes. Softer items, like clothes, may survive in poorer-quality boxes.

Where to Buy Boxes For Moving

When you think about buying boxes, your mind may first go to the local post office. While they can give you boxes, they may be more likely to give you boxes meant for shipping rather than moving. If you want packing boxes rather than mailing boxes, you’re better off trying some of the stores below:


Considering that this online store sells everything, it’s no surprise that it also sells cardboard boxes. One of the big advantages of buying from Amazon is that you don’t have to pick up the boxes from anywhere. You can get these boxes shipped straight to your front door.

Here are some reasons why you should buy boxes from Amazon:

  • A wide number of options for moving boxes available

  • You need a lot of boxes (Amazon boxes come in packs)

  • You can get free two-day shipping (with Prime)

  • Boxes are usually affordable


One of the issues with buying from Amazon is that you can’t see the boxes in person before you buy them. For some people, that may not be an issue. However, if this is an issue for you, you may want to buy your boxes from Lowe’s.

You can find Lowe’s stores in pretty much any area. A good perk is that you can check online to see if certain boxes are in your nearest store. Then you’ll be certain they’re there before you pick them up.

You should buy boxes from Lowe’s because:

  • The store offers heavy-duty boxes

  • Boxes are affordable

  • You can get other tools you may need


Most people know Staples for their office supplies, but they have plenty of mailing supplies as well. As a bonus, you can also get other packing supplies from Staples while you’re in the store.

You need to get your moving boxes from Staples if:

  • You want to get discounts for purchasing sets

  • You need a variety of moving supplies

  • You need a variety of box shapes and construction styles


In this case, it has what it says on the tin. On top of that, it also has a lot more.

U-Boxes doesn’t just sell boxes. It also sells box kits that it tailors for different moving situations. No matter if you’re planning to move out of a dorm, house, or apartment, U-Boxes has a kit for you.

Plus, the box kits also include many of the other supplies that you need beyond the boxes.

U-Boxes is a great place to get moving boxes for the following reasons:

  • Free delivery in three days for most places

  • You get complete kits for moving

  • A variety of boxes for many situations


Most people know Walmart for their cheap prices. These deals extend to the store’s boxes.

Plus, a lot of Walmart locations are open 24/7. If you run out of boxes, you can always make a quick stop at your nearest location. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is.

Walmart can provide you with some great packing boxes because:

  • In-store pickup options are available

  • Cheap prices

  • A wide variety of options

Get Help When You Move

As you can see, there are plenty of places to buy boxes if you’re planning to move. Just make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of each choice carefully. If you do, you should get the perfect quality

Now that you know where to buy boxes for moving, you should consider which moving company you want. Why not try us? We are Ottawa’s best solution for any moving needs.

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