Proper packing for a move and preparation of your household goods is one of the most important steps to ensuring a successful move. Parkview Moving offers
complete moving packing and unpacking services or we can help you by packing your whole home or just certain items you select, such as your breakables or pictures. Whichever is your choice, our skilled employees ensure that your belongings will be carefully and safely packed using proper moving supplies and protective packing material.

To properly safeguard items such as marble table tops, large glass table tops, statues and artwork we can custom build wooden crates for additional protection. Crating is necessary for the safe transportation of these types of items.

If packing is something you would like to do yourself, please review our do-it-yourself packing guide and our other moving tips and resources to help you plan and prepare for your move.

Don’t have the proper moving packing supplies? Contact us to order your moving supplies, and have them delivered or pick them up at our warehouse.

Our fully trained team is always prepared to assist you in any way during your move. We provide proper packing techniques to ensure your belongings are safe and secure. Packing is charged on an hourly basis, plus any supplies you may need.

Free local delivery on orders of $50 or more

2 CU ft Box 18X15.25X12.5 $1.75
3 CU ft Box 18X18X16 $2.65
4 CU ft Box 18.25X18.25X21 $2.99
5 CU ft Box 18X18X27 $3.59
6 CU ft Box 23X20X23 $4.49
 Wardrobe Box with 24″ Hanger Bar 24X22X48 $14.49
Lamp Shade Box 22X22X18 $7.99
 Dish/China Carton 18X18X28 $5.99
Mirror Carton (Small) 37.5X3X32 $4.99
Mirror Carton (Large)  42X3.5X36  $10.99
Sofa Bag  Large  $5.99
 Chair Cover Bag  Single  $2.99
 Mattress Bag  Single  $3.95
 Mattress Bag  Double  $5.20
 Mattress Bag  Queen  $6.20
 Mattress Bag  King  $8.00
 Bubble Wrap  24″ Wide  $1.69/yard
 Foam Chips (Peanuts)  3 CU ft Bag  $8.50
Packing Paper  25 Pound Bundle  $23.00
Cap Tissue  480 sheets 18X24  $20.00
 Packing Tape 66 Meter Roll  $1.79

All prices are subject to change without notice