Parkview Moving is an Ottawa Senior Moving specialist, here to help you make a smooth transition. Whether you are downsizing from a larger home into a smaller one or moving into a retirement facility we can assist you from planning to completion. We will work with you to create a timeline for your transition to make it as efficient and stress free as possible.

After living in a home for several years there are many special items you’ll want to move with you. We’ll help you identify those things first and work with you on deciding what to do with everything else. We can assist you in properly packing these items for safe transport. The best approach is a sensitive yet organized approach and that’s what Parkview Moving Experts do so well!

Often times there are items you may want delivered to family or friends we will identify the best way to ship items being shared with others. We can also assist you in securing storage for items that will not be moved in to your new home. Other items may not have a place in your new home, we can help assist you in finding new homes for items that will not be needed as you downsize. This can include donation of items as well as disposal if required.

On moving day we provide a smooth transition by working with the retirement home or condominium to ensure that their moving rules are abided by. We have a strong knowledge or area retirement homes and condos and have moved in or out or almost all of them. We can also assist with unpacking and setting up your room for seamless move.