Parkview Moving does long distance moving to all of Ontario and Quebec. We are one of the trusted long-distance movers that offer flexibility, value, and exceptional services. As a long-distance move can be overwhelming, we plan it in an efficient manner to make your move a picture perfect one.

We will maintain consistent communication with you to keep your anxieties low about your valuable possessions. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a smooth and stress-free move. We offer two kinds of moves for long distance customers.


The majority of the Long Distance moves Parkview Moving preforms are dedicated truck moves. Meaning that the truck used contains only your belongings and is not a shared load. The advantages of this are that your items are the only ones on the truck and they can be delivered as soon as we can drive to the destination. This is a good choice if you require your items at a certain date or immediately.


Shared loads mean that the truck is divided between two or more customers. Shared loads allow you to split the cost of travel and drive time with the other customers on the truck making it more affordable. This is a good choice if you do not have a large amount of items and are flexible about your delivery date. Items are separated on the truck and the loads are colour coded and inventoried to insure everyone get their own items.

Whatever your long distance needs Parkview Moving has a solution to fit your needs.